The Kentucky Limestone Story

Kentucky is known for its limestone. It’s the reason our bourbon tastes so good, our horses run so fast, and our caves are so large and long.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock made from the compression of seashells, coral, and other marine organisms from ancient oceans that once covered the earth.

Limestone, which makes up about 10 percent of all the rock on our planet, is extremely hard but is also partially soluble, especially when exposed to water with naturally occurring acids in it. This is why caves, sinkholes, and other karst topography are common in Kentucky.

Rock solid foundation for Kentucky economy

Kentucky bourbon

Limestone has long been an important component of Kentucky’s economy.

Limestone is a key ingredient in one of Kentucky’s oldest industries — distilling bourbon whiskey. Kentucky spring water, purified as it flows over and through limestone rock formations, is perfect for bourbon because it is free of minerals that adversely affect taste.